I have begun coding GCstar exporter. This little program is intended to add PDF reporting capabilities to GCstar. So far, I have managed to create a usable PDF report for the Book collection. Currently, you have to first export your GCstar book collection to XML (using a supplied template) and then used the exported XML to create the PDF report using the application.

Right now, I am concentrating on getting a framework in place and getting the export features to work (in this constrained manner) for one type of collection. The current version of the application will support only book collections.

In the future versions, though I plan to use the native GCstar file format to generate the reports. Also, I plan to support all collection types (hopefully). And maybe some simple statistical reports may also be supported.

Some time last year, I had decided to put up some of the bits and pieces of code and small applications I wrote on the web. Most of them were written to solve small little problems I faced and I thought maybe someone else out there might find them useful. With this intention Labs was born as an idea.

That was in July, 2007 and I had thought then that I would get Labs up and running in a month or so. However, turns out that I am an extremely lazy person and so after almost 8 months, I have finally got this site up and running.

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