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Hi, my name is Elroy Serrao. I’m 25 years old and an software engineer by profession, based out of Mumbai. My specialization so far has been largely with building large scale J2EE systems. During the course of my short stint in IT I’ve helped execute large projects for Deutsche Leasing, Enable Us and J P Morgan Chase. I’ve been largely involved in the back end programming , though I do enjoy building user interfaces for systems too. Over the years I’ve also dabbled in PHP, Ruby, Rails, ActionScript and Flash.

Currently I’m on a 2 year break, pursuing a degree in Management at NMIMS, one of the premier institutes in the country.

Labs is meant to host lot of the small little applications that I routinely cook up for my personal use. I'm sure some of them might be useful to someone out there. Besides applications, Labs will also host my articles and tutorials.

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