Labs goes Live!

Some time last year, I had decided to put up some of the bits and pieces of code and small applications I wrote on the web. Most of them were written to solve small little problems I faced and I thought maybe someone else out there might find them useful. With this intention Labs was born as an idea.

That was in July, 2007 and I had thought then that I would get Labs up and running in a month or so. However, turns out that I am an extremely lazy person and so after almost 8 months, I have finally got this site up and running.

A quick word on the various sections on this site:

  • Projects: This is where all stable projects with working code will be hosted. Here you can find project descriptions, feature lists, screenshots etc. Code for the projects will be hosted on Google Code and links to download stable releases will be provided here.
  • Incubator: Projects that are currently just ideas in my head can be found in this section. These will be listed at the bottom of the page. You can expect to find short descriptions of the idea as well as progress reports here.
  • Articles: This section will include some of my blog posts, articles and papers that I have written. You can see a small summary of each article and download the PDF copy of the article from here.
  • News: All news regarding project announcements and releases will be provided in a blog like format here.
  • About: Some shameless self-promotion about the person behind Labs.
  • Contact:Should you decided to contact me you can drop a line here.

So without further ado, head out to the projects section and look at the first release of Loupe.

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