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GCstar is a free open source application for managing your collections. It lets you add Movie, Video game, Book, Music, coin, Wine, Board game collections. Of late I have been using this application to catalog my rapidly increasing book collection. GCStar works quite well in my opinion, but has one small shortcoming. It lacks a good exporting system. While it allows exporting in a variety of formats, the one truly useful format PDF is missing. So I decided to add this functionality on my own.

Unfortunately my knowledge of perl (the language in which GCStar is written is actually gtk2-Perl) is almost non-existent. This poses a problem. Luckily, GCStar supports XML output.

This project will take a GCStar XML export and convert it into a nicely formatted PDF report using Java. I'm considering using Jasper Reports and Spring Rich Client framework to write this. Will keep you posted on how this proceeds.


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