What is Loupe ?

Loupe is a lightweight photogallery application. Rather than provide full fledged photo gallery features, Loupe leverages the photo management features of Flickr.

It displays the photostream for a particular Flickr user id. You can see photos, look at sets, navigate via tag cloud etc. Photo management, upload of photos, naming and taging them is done through Yahoo Flickr's user friendly photo management service. You can then host your portfolio and display the photos in exactly the manner you want using Loupe on your own web server. Whenever you make any changes to photos using Flickr, they are instantly reflected on your Loupe powered website.
Since Loupe is CSS based, changing the default look of Loupe is as simple as making changes to the CSS file.

Loupe is powered by Rails, the excellent framework for Ruby. It uses the rflickr API library to access Flickr. For displaying images it uses SlimBox, a clone of Lokesh Dhakar's LightBox JS library.

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